Month One Review

So Internet, I've been here for a month.  There's a part of me that panics about that, because my gosh the year is going to be over waaay too soon and I'm currently so incredibly happy with my living arrangements I don't ever want to leave.  But what's all that yoga stuff about staying in the present?

I would say that I've accomplished a lot in this one month but I'm not sure it's stuff I should admit meeting a cute boy.  Being dumped by said cute boy.  Knowing the names of the bartenders at the two cool places to drink in town.  Staying out too late.  Having an incredibly full social calendar.  Talking waaay too much.  Reconnecting with a friend in a totally unexpected way.  The list goes on and on.  I feel like Sara circa her college days-way too bright, bubbly, and intoxicating intoxicated.  

But then there's all the hiking, biking, yogaing, eating raw, siting in mediation for 45 minutes, and working I've been doing.  It all balances out in the end, right?

Although, I do feel the need to have some concrete goals for each month.  Things that I'm working towards.  That I'm making the effort to practice every month.  So, the 30 day challenge was born.  Which I must admit was inspired by a friend's facebook post (Hi Jason!).

The idea is to commit to practicing something every day for 30 days.  Sometimes I think we (or at least I do) have lofty, ambitious, broad goals.  This often hinders me from achieving them because, how exactly do I tweak my eating habits?  It's just too big.  Too overwhelming.  So I go the Wolf and have a beer and eat pizza because that's much, much easier.

Which so is not my goal.  And then before I know it the year is over and I've crossed nothing off my list.  And those of you who know me well know how pissed my Valedictorian of Everything will be about that.

So, I'm taking my intention list and breaking it down to small digestible chunks.  Things I can do every day each month that will get me where I wanna go in the end.

My first 30 day challenge is strengthening my core.  I need this for so many reasons, not just to kick up into handstand on my own.  But to tell people no.  To stand firm in what it is I truly want to accomplish this year.

So I bought a hula hoop.  That's right a hula hoop.  It's a great ab workout and fun.  And a metaphor my beloved friend B and I have been using for years to describe perfect personal boundaries (plus there's a girl here in town that makes hula hoops and you know how much my hippie heart loves local handmade goods).

A hula hoop has boundaries.  You can spin your hula hoop around and keep people at bay.  Or you can drop it and let people into it with you.  But it's kinda a small intimate space.  Not just anybody or everybody needs to be up in your hula hoop.  And it's work to keep it going.  You have to pay attention to your hula hoop or before you know it it's on the ground.  Just like how you have to be mindful of who you spend your time with and what it is you're doing in that time.

So for the next 30 days I will be hula hooping for at least 15 minutes every day.  What can you commit to practicing for the next 30 days?  Leave it in the comments here or on my facebook page and we can all support each other as we move closer towards achieving our ultimate goals!

Love you all so much!

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  1. This is great! I am a big fan of hula hooping. Check out one of my favorite "children's songs" about hula hooping!