You Are What You Eat

I got into this whole mess because I did a cleanse with Cate back in May.  A cleanse that so completely shifted my awareness that I couldn't help but pack up my car and drive West.

Among my intentions, if you remember, is to tweak how I eat.  Because like Hippocrates said, I too, believe that food is medicine.  That you are what you eat.  And if you look around at what the typical American eats we're fat, processed, pieces of non nutrient garbage.  No wonder we have all the health problems that we do.  But that's a soapbox for another time.  A soapbox many a people have stood on and waxed far more poetically than I ever could like...

Food, Inc
Forks Over Knives
Mark Bittman
Dan Buettner

But all you need to know (for now) is that more green, more raw, more seasonal is my aim.  So, off to the woods I trekked with my fearless leader and her adorable sidekick (who just may be the greatest part of my job).

The fruits of my labor were a whole sack full of yummy, living, green things.

Which I promptly threw into my blender with a handful of other things I had around...

The best part?  It was totally free!

What are you eating?  And how are you feeling?



  1. you two are adorable.
    We had service berry and kale smoothies for breakfast.
    Now, we need to find a wild currant patch!

  2. Sara,
    I am loving this! So amazing that you are out there, learning so much from Cate, and sharing your stories on this. I will be following you for sure. Depending on how things are going with my little one, I am hoping to do the detox in October!