What I Love about Driggs

Being from the small town south I'm quite familiar with the rhythm of town life.  Stores have odd hours, you can't go to the grocery store without seeing someone you know, and everybody, and I mean everybody, knows everything about you (sometimes things you didn't even know about yourself).

It's what I love and hate about living in a town with a population of 1,000.  However, there are somethings about this small community that are so wonderful you can't help but fall in love with it.  Even if you do get the evil eye because you're the new girl in town.
  1. When you go to the bank you can get a sucker AND a dog treat.  And the second time you go in they call you by name.
  2. All my basic needs can be met within a 1/2 mile radius from where I live.  This includes a bar, a health food store, and a hospital.
  3. Cars stop for you to cross the street even when you're not in a cross walk.
  4. People don't lock anything.  Someone I know, who will remain nameless, doesn't even have a key to the front door of their house. 
  5. What's mine is yours.  And they really mean it.  In fact, you can just go in my house and help yourself.  The door's unlocked.
  6. People are genuinely nice.  None of that, "Bless her heart," here.  They either like you or they don't.  Simple.
  7. Everyone has a dog and that dog goes everywhere with them.
  8. When you bring your own bag to the grocery store they hand you a nickel.  A real nickel.
  9. It's perfectly acceptable to blow off work on a beautiful day to do something outside.
  10. It's absolutely amazingly beautiful here.
Wish you were here!  Visit soon!

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