The Leap

When I finished my Masters degree in May and started contemplating what I was going to do with the rest of my life I knew I wanted to move out of Columbia, SC.  I just wasn't sure where to.  Then through a series of divine events I found myself packing up my car and heading to Driggs, ID of all places.

It all started with a cleanse I found out about through my yoga teacher.  I heard her talking about an Anusara teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner who was leading a detox in May.  I figured I'd try it.  Why not?  School was over.  I didn't have a job and anything better to do.  And I figured it was a good way to clean out the gunk and get really clear about what my next move was going to be (little did I know).

Aside from making my skin glow, the cleanse made me realize I needed to give myself permission to play for a couple of months.  To take some time and have some fun and recharge.  My bank account said I could make it to August without a "real" job so I commenced taking it easy. 

That's not to say I didn't look for jobs in my field.  I did.  I just didn't stress about it.  I sent out some resumes but only to jobs that I was really interested in.  I was determined not to settle on the first thing that came along.  But to wait for something that truly made my heart happy.

Then one day I was killing time on the internet and found an advertisement for an intern position with that very woman who rocked my world in the cleanse.  A woman who added an email I sent her to her web page I might add.  I thought it sounded like a sweet deal and on a whim sent my resume and cover letter in.  Again, why not?

A few weeks later I was asked for an interview.  I was Skype questioned on Wednesday.  Friday she was scheduled to lead a weekend workshop at my home yoga studio.  That's right.  The woman from Driggs just happened to be coming to my little southern town that very weekend (told you it was divine).

By Sunday I had the job.  Three weeks later I was in Driggs.  It was August.