Are you there Sara? It's me, God

I've never really had one of those voices of God moments.  Sure I've felt the presence of spirit.  The nagging of do this don't do that.  The knowledge that the choice I was making was the right one.  Small signs that I'm not alone and that I'm on the right path.

But that shout out loud booming voice of God thing.  Not so much.  Until this past weekend.

A series of seemingly random events came together to put me with a friend in a town three hours away for the weekend.  Which was auspicious in and of itself because it was was 11.11.11 and he hadn't exactly planed to be in Bozeman it had just "happened" to work out that way.

This is a friend who is dedicated to his own spiritual journey.  Who is tapped in and aware and disciplined in his practices.  So why I'm surprised some of this rubbed off on me I don't know.  After all, you are the company you keep so keep damn good company.

After many long discussions, heartfelt conversations, and synchronistic events, I came to realize it's not a romantic relationship I need right now but a mad love affair with spirit.  But for that to occur I need a teacher.  A guide.  Someone who's gone before me and can initiate me and hold my hand and teach me.  Of course this friend of mine has such a teacher.  One that he's currently studying with.  And while laying out his case for why I should also plunk down the money to study with said teacher the GPS on my phone shouted-"Proceed to the highlighted route."

Now had this occurred say while we were driving in my car.  Or while programing our route I wouldn't be writing this post.  No, this happened while sitting in our hotel room, Internet.  While my GPS was seemingly off and my phone asleep.  OFF and ASLEEP!

Call me crazy but when your electronic devices start interjecting their two cents I'd say you better take their advice or you know go check yourself into the looney bin because you've completely lost it.  But Max heard it too.  And after we got over the startle and then the giggles that followed, I decided that was indeed what I should do.  I should proceed to the highlighted route.

I'm not sure how I'm going to get there.  Or better yet pay for it.  But I'm guessing that when God speaks he has a plan, even if you don't know what it is.

So I'm trusting he'll let me know.  And if all else fails I'll just ask my phone, it seems to be relatively smart these days.


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