Cleanse Day 4: Intentions

I guess technically it's day 5 considering it's 2:30 in the morning and I'm wide awake. So far I've had nothing but raw pureed food. Or as Ski Bum Brian calls it, Injured Hockey Player fare. Green smoothies, vegetable soups, miso broths. No wheat, dairy, meat, or refined sugar since this past Saturday. And I feel great-ish...

I have a very strong desire to pull in. To unplug. Talk less, interact less, be less connected. But that's not possible right now considering both jobs I have require me to have at least five internet windows open at once. Which is rather frustrating and tiring. And caused a couple of melt downs I won't lie. But other than that I'm pretty on track with my intentions for this cleanse.

On Sunday Cate asked us to think about what we want from this detox in four different ways: physically, mentally, emotionally/relationally, and spiritually. Here's what I came up with, you know since I have intentions for most everything these days.

Regulate my weight. I could stand to shed oh about 20lbs.
Get rid of my acne. Since stopping my birth control my face has decided to freak out. Hopefully, all the green juice will fix that.

Develop clarity, focus, and discipline. So much of the time my mind overrides my better senses and I crumble. I reach for the cookies, the piece of bread. I want stick-to-it-ness.

Let go of the fear, self doubt, and negative talk that keeps me in patterns that don't serve me. Let food be thy medicine instead of thy emotional crutch.

Be inspiring and supportive to others. Hopefully by practicing what I preach, I can get others to join me on the Green Revolution train. I've already seen this happen somewhat at my old studio thanks to my wonderful teacher Stacey and all the dedicated and brave students who decided to see for themselves what all the hype was about. You guys rock by the way!

Be in the flow of Grace. Be connected. Open. And faithful.

True to Sara fashion what all that boils down to is having the guts to be disciplined. Being strong enough in my core to stand in my light no matter what. Which if you know me, or have been following along on my journey so far, know this seems to be the overarching theme for this whole year. Maybe my next tattoo should be "discipline" written in big letters on my forehead. Or maybe I'll learn the lesson over the next 9 months!  One can hope, right?

What are your intentions? How is your cleanse going?

Love you! Miss you!

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  1. i am not on the cleanse with you, soul sister, at least not one that requires injured hockey player fare, but i'm always trying to burn away the impurities! it is never easy, often interesting, and always worth it. keep the faith, baby.