Making Sense Out of Senselessness

Ever since my mom died when I was 22, I can pretty much find a good reason for why most everything happens.  Granted I don't always agree that the lesson had to be delivered in such a harsh manner, but I know in my heart of hearts it's the dark things that make us grow the most.  Now don't take this to mean I rejoice when the poop hits the fan.  Quite the opposite actually.  But most of the time with some distance and careful thinking, I'm able to work out why things went down as they did.  And to see how drastically those things changed the trajectory of my life (often for the better once the suck is over and the suck can last quite awhile).

Then there are things that are so senseless.  So grotesque and pointless I question it all. 

The murder of Jen Wilson is one of those things.  I struggle with how to reconcile this with my beliefs.  How to make sense out of such senselessness.

I didn't know her well but she was a part of my kula.  My merry band of artists that practice yoga together.  And I'm not sure I'll ever be able to understand why such a bright light was snuffed out so early.

All I can do is send lots of love, light, and prayers to her family and those that loved her.  My heart aches for you and my thoughts are with you.

So much love,

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