Wishes for a New Year

On the eve of my 29th year I'm feeling like some what of a fraud. I'm a yoga teacher who doesn't have time to properly plan her classes. A counselor who often takes work related calls during dinner. A wellness coach who routinely skips breakfast and doesn't sit down to a regular lunch. And an adult who rarely has more than a grocery bill's worth of money in her checking account.

And while I have accomplished a lot this year...
5. Learn how to cross country ski
11. Teach a regular yoga class
16. Lose 50 30 15 pounds
17. Learn how to knit
31. Become a yoga teacher
47. Learn to be bien dans ma peau
63. Finish all the house projects (not my house, not my problem anymore!)
94. Graduate with honors
117. Quit my job
139. Learn how to hula hoop
142. Model for Dr. Sketchy’s (or rather fully nude for the Teton Arts Council numerous times)

It's time to get down to business...

First by becoming waaay more competent with money than I am.  Because no one wants to be 30 and still broke.  So numbers 56. Have a fat savings account of at least six months living expenses
and 57. Pay everything off are my top priorities this year.

Followed closely by 34. Own my own business (The Joie Revolution).  Since you know that will help with 56 & 57.

Then there are my I'm not really a yoga teacher because I can't goals that I need to strike off...
1. Hold Bakasana for an extended period of time (I'm soooo close on this one!)
2. Kick into Handstand on my own (Not so much on this one)
12. Finish my RYT-200 (even more important now that Anusara is in the toilet)

And since I'm still not sure where the wind will plant me I'm fairly certain these two might just happen out of necessity...
77. Throw out everything that I don't adore
26. Drive cross country with an important boy and see silly things

And if that important boy is smart he'll help make this one happen...
27. Ride in a hot air balloon
and this one...
4. Eat at the crazy french fry place in Boise

Then they're are just some fun ones...
68. Go on a yoga retreat
95. Make (gluten free) biscuits, pancakes, and pie crusts by heart

And a tedious one...
106. Back up all my files, clean my computer, update my software, get a freaking battery! (because my god I can't go another year fearing I'll lose everything I'm working on because the magnetic.  MAGNETIC power cord gets pulled loose.  Most brilliant and stupidest Apple invention ever.)

And one that quite frankly scares me...
137. Write a book  
But if I had a dollar for every person who told me I should do this, well then I'd have $5 dollars.  But those are five very important dollars given by five very important people.  And since I wrote this list years ago it finally feels time to give this one some serious thought.  Ok make that six dollars.  As the important boy reading over my shoulder just threw his 100 cents in.

So it seems like I got my work cut out for me this year Internet.  But if this one is anything like this past one I'm fairly certain the planets will align and I'll get it all done.  No seriously.  The planets will align.  Huffington Post said so.

I'm also fairly certain this year will bring me things I can't even imagine.  Because I'm typing this in my boyfriend's house in Idaho.  IDAHO.  Didn't really see that one coming.

So I can't wait.  Really.  This year's going to be amazing.  Especially since I have you.

Thank you for everything you do.  My life wouldn't nearly be as wonderful without you.

So much love,

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